Jonah Engler Silberman: Business, Art & Spirituality Expert

Life can feel like a perpetual maze — you don’t always know where to go or which move to make. This is true whether you find yourself wearing an entrepreneur’s hat, donning an athlete’s garb, or wearing a parenting cap. That’s why entrepreneur Jonah Engler Silberman developed this website — to encourage you to tap into some of the deeper, most intimate aspects of human life and expression and then use this as a fuel to turn your life’s goals into accomplishments.

Silberman, a businessman who hails from New York, is a known mobile phone industry guru. In under three years, Silberman created an empire of a whopping 22 Wireless Zone franchises in four states. He employs 125 people and generates over $45 million every year. He is a true success when you look at his track record and bottom line in the business world.

However, Silberman believes that his most important job is to be the father that his three kids need. That’s why he oftentimes includes his children in his travels and hobbies. Some of his biggest areas of passion outside of entrepreneurship include love, romanticism, and modern art. In his eyes, artistic ideals such as individualism, emotional passion, and idealism are tightly connected to both business and family life.

Silberman also loves boxing, which may come as no surprise given his competitive spirit in the “ring” of the entrepreneurship world. Finally, he has a special zeal for both spirituality and Buddhism. In fact, the precepts of the latter — including generosity and compassion — help to inform how he operates in business, in parenting, and in life general. Take a journey with Jonah Engler Silberman through this site to learn how you can draw power from art, sports, and spirituality to become the best version of yourself in your business, in your household, and in society altogether.