Jonah Engler Silberman: About Page

If you ask entrepreneur Jonah Engler Silberman how to go about building a business empire, he’ll know exactly how to break it down for you. At the same time, if you ask him a question about potty training or the history of Buddhism, he’ll have some on-point answers for you, too. That’s what makes Silberman so unique — he has multiple areas of expertise, and he’s passionate about pouring out his knowledge to add value to the lives of others.

Silberman, who has a solid history of success in several industries, is currently responsible for more than 22 franchises of Wireless Zone in the Garden State and in the area surrounding it. However, he has chosen to fade into the background of his ventures during the past few years, which has given him plenty of time to enjoy his hobbies and his family.

The time he spends with his three kids is especially essential to Silberman, so he doesn’t mind getting on the floor or getting his hands dirty to play with them. However, in his spare time, he also enjoys watching sports live and playing them for fun. His favorite to watch? Boxing. In fact, the Floyd Mayweather admirer is proud to say he’s attended over 12 prizefights. When it comes to playing sports, he can’t go wrong with swimming, handball, and soccer — especially when he’s playing with his son.

However, as tough of a businessman as Jonah Engler Silberman is, he’s not just a fighter — he’s also a lover. He embraces the topics of love, modern art, Romanticism, and even Buddhism and spirituality. In his eyes, the more we delve into these creative areas, the more we can learn about ourselves and about the world around us — and that can help us all to ultimately experience true fulfillment in life.